Gospel According to Pop

Created in the 2011 Advent and Christmas Season (in progress) for the Community of Travelers.  
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Gospel According to Pop FAQs

In Martin Luther's day, he transformed pub tunes into hymns about God that people could sing together. In that same spirit, these pop songs are used as a tool to explore the Gospel in a way that makes it come alive. Or as Mark would say, so that those with ears can ear and those with eyes can see.

We live in a very secular world where faithful people have given up on churches because they think they have nothing relevant to say about their lives or that churches are behind the time. Some where through the decades the pub tunes started to sound a bit outdated.

So, I hope these songs make you think and provoke you towards faithful living. If nothing else, it will help us to remember that God has a sense of humor.  Some of the stories appear in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, others come out of my creative imagination as I ponder the stories between the lines.



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