Friday, December 16, 2011

Gospel According to Pop FAQ

Why pop songs?
They're catchy and many people already know the tunes. They play on universal themes and often pack an emotional punch. Luther used the pub tunes of his day and rewrote the words. When I've rewritten the words to a song I'll label it a remix. The songs that once were pop during Luther's time sometimes seem unsinkable and boring. So consider this revival.

Why are the songs paired with ancient art and icons?
I know some of my faithful readers are a bit creeped out by icons. That's exactly why this project is needed. Here I seek to reclaim the images that have oppressed us, or caused some of us to feel less than faithful. The stories are richer than any one interpretation. We're taking back the stories and the centuries of art that goes with them, because the tradition of tolerance is older!

Why isn't the music produced, always in tune or in rhythm?
My rules for recoding the songs is that they cannot be produced, must be recorded in one take and mistakes are encouraged because they show the ordinary in the sacred and the sacred in the ordinary. I seek to show people that anything I do to help create sacred community can be done yourself at home without any special outfits or equipment. Like the Amish who intentionally leave at least one mistake in their quilts to remember that only God(dess) is perfect, if these songs were too professional singing they would be inaccessible and inappropriate.

Can I help make the Gospel According to Pop?
Yes. You can send song or scripture ideas you'd like to see or even join in the conversation. Here's how: 1) record yourself singing a pop song. Please use songs from the BMI collection, as that is the group that I have a copyright agreement with. 2) send it to me: 3) then either let me know the story you'd like to pair it with or I'll find one.

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