About Me

Megan M. Rohrer is a nationally recognized leader on issues of gender, sexuality and faith. Executive Director of WELCOME - a communal response to poverty in San Francisco, CA, Pastor Rohrer is an activist, advocate and educator who speaks and preaches nationally.

Learn more about Megan's ministry, projects, work and background at: http://revrohrer.blogspot.com

Email: megan@welcomeministry.org

Phone: 415-827-2587

Sermon Archive: Sermon.net

Social Networking: Facebook, Twitter

Blogs: Street Retreat, Bible Study, Poverty Work, Community Gardening

Speaking: Megan is interested in providing training's, sermons and other opportunities for speaking. These engagements should seek to reimburse travel expenses, provide a $250 honorarium, the local standard for pulpit supply and/or provide other opportunities for speaking and preaching in the area. Exceptions may be made for events and opportunities that further the mission of Welcome or Wilgefortis.