Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gospel According to Pop: Episode 1 (Baby, baby, baby)

Today's Gospel is written by Justin Beiber. Yes, I know. I felt that way too at first. But imagine it through Joseph's eyes.

During this Advent time, we are asked to be people waiting for God's arrival in the world. This year there have been several stories of people using pepper spray as they impatiently wait. So, I've been thinking about all the ways that people wait impatiently for God.

Today's episode of the Gospel According to Pop is a song that I don't typically love listening to. I guess I'm just too old to get it. But, there is an entire generation of loyal followers who think it is the best thing imaginable.

This song took on a new meaning for me when I thought about the words being sung by Joseph after he learns that is fiance Mary has been impregnated by the Holy Spirit and is carrying a baby that is not his. Sure, it will be God and all. But, I imagine these words capture his first reaction to the news.

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