Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gospel According to Pop: Episode 5 (Rolling in the Deep: Adele)

I'm not Adele. I can't hit the notes she can. Well, even her throat can't handle hitting the notes that she does. Set that aside for a second.

This is the Gospel According to Pop where we look at the Gospel stories in a new way by thinking about the human sides of the stories and the stories behind the stories.

Today, I ask you to think about what it felt like for Judas as he left the Last Supper, where Jesus just told his 11 closest friends that Judas would betray him.

As I put these meditations together I'm a bit at the mercy of icons and famous paintings. Becuase I'm trying to mix the old and the new to take bits of what have been seen as sacred for decades and hope it rubs off on the ordinary things I pair them with. This sometimes means that Jesus often bears a much whiter tint than I would have chosen for my own meditations.

In this circumstance because Judas lets the soldiers know who Jesus is by kissing him, I found that mixing the images of Judas betraying Jesus with a kiss with Adele's song added a homoerotic undertone to the story. It wasn't something I expected, but it something kind of fun and new to think about.

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